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Sometimes you just have to say Yes!

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I took this picture at the Eden project in Cornwall during some of the warmest days in the summer this year. This was an unexpected and unplanned holiday invitation which I am very glad we accepted and one which reminded me of the sheer beauty and majesty of some of our coastline and how important it is at times to just say yes. Don’t allow the ‘hows and whys’ to always dominate your decisions, seize the moment and simply go for it.

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Sunset in Brighton

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My daughter caught this on camera a few weeks ago, when we were still enjoying warm and balmy evenings in Brighton, in Hove. I was simply struck but how little time it takes to simply stop and look upwards at the sky above our heads. It’s great to get some perspective and sense of the opportunities that are out there waiting to be discovered. In fact that is why my business is called Blue Sky Career Consulting as it reminds me of the morning I handed in my letter of resignation almost fifteen years ago. How  I emerged out onto the steps of the building and looked upwards to clear blue...

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A trip to the circus…………..

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It is one of our annual traditions, every year I take my daughter and at least one of her friends to Zippos circus on Hove Lawns and each year I am struck by the level of organisation, teamwork and mutual support within this business. So what is it I notice about Zippos? 1) There is a real sense of family – people looking out for each other and making sure things are in place to keep all the performers safe. 2) Everyone mucks in and does the jobs that need doing, when they need doing. 3) New stuff – they do not turn up year after year with the same old, tired acts. The only act...

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A trip to the zoo………………

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This is a picture of Zena the white Indian tiger, taken by my daughter a few weeks ago at one of my favourite places, the Isle of Wight, zoo. I can’t fully explain why I feel so at home here, but every trip we have ever made to the Isle of Wight has always included a trip to see the big cats at the zoo. We never leave until the zoo is about to close, particularly as the ‘big cats’ become more active as closing time, approaches. This is when we can hear them roar, a truly formidable and awe inspiring sound that always reminds me of the beauty and majesty of these animals. Some of whom were...

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The real value of taking a holiday………………..

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This is a picture of me and my family at the end of a two and a half hour horse trek around Runaway Bay – Jamaica. An unforgettable experience, especially as most of us had never ridden before let alone taken a horse into the sea. Each time I look at this photo I get a rush of emotion – it brings back the fear, trepidation and excitement of an amazing experience. Definitely one of the highlights of our two week stay in April. We were able to relax and recharge but also to try something completely different. This highlights for me one of the key reasons for taking a holiday, as...

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