What keeps you going when times are tough?

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This month it’s all about perseverance and grit: What keeps you going when times are tough and work isn’t going so well or it just feels like you are ‘wading through treacle’? Your progress seems inordinately slow and you might even wonder if you are in fact moving backward. I know for me, there is a certain stubbornness in my nature, (I don’t always want to admit I might be on the wrong track). There is a certain level of ‘grit’, in my makeup and I also know that there are times when I need to get my head down, put the work in and just keep going. Sometimes the break through comes at...

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Think goat, think tough…

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Jamaican goats, adaptable, tough, hardy animals that seemed to litter the Jamaican landscape when we were there in April. However to my mind these are precisely some of the attributes that people need to not only survive but to thrive in today’s work environment. Today I think we all need a certain level of mental toughness and adaptability to manage in our fast changing world. So there you have it, think goat, think tough.  

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5 habits for career resilience

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Habit one: Strong networks Build and maintain a strong and extensive network. Form relationships that are based on genuine interests and liking, you need to be prepared to offer help as well as ask for it. Relationship building is always a two way process, you never know when someone might be in a position to provide a crucial bit of help and just as importantly there may be a time when that person is you. Habit two: Control and ownership Be prepared to take control and ownership of your career. You will need to be realistic and honest with yourself about where the responsibility lies for...

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