Blue Sky Updates:- August 2019

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A monthly recap of my life as a career coach, writer and human being.…….. Update 5th July 2019 It’s been a real trip down memory lane this week, travelling with my daughter to visit Leeds for one of the university open days. First there was there was the coach from Victoria, I’d forgotten quite how frequently I used to use this service as an undergraduate, for trips home and visiting friends. Then I had a bit of ‘Déjà vu’ at Golders Green, our first stop out, I’d travelled there to pick up my very first car, a white Vauxhall in the early 90s. Then of course there was Wakefield and our...

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Blue Sky Updates – July 2019

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Monthly updates from my life as a career coach and writer……. Update Friday 7th June 2019 I guess there are times, as a coach when you might have to deliver some tough love to a client. I know I certainly received it last weekend as I wandered around talking to literary agents as part of a publications event, organised by New Writing South. The agents I spoke to were all perfectly polite, perfectly respectful but these very busy people were also very clear and to the point: ‘Why are you the person to tell this story? ‘What makes you uniquely qualified to tell it? ‘Why would anyone want to...

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Be your own Rainbow ……………………….Part six

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Managing your space………… “Nourish your eye and spirit with inspiring things. They will bloom with your tending” – SARK Be your own rainbow – managing your space This quote illustrates for me how strongly we are influenced and affected by our environment and the space we inhabit. What we choose to surround ourselves with in terms of materials, pictures, furnishings can have a profound effect on how we feel generally and our overall sense of well-being. What’s in your space? So, take the time now to observe the space you are currently in. What do you see? Are you uplifted and...

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Be Your Own Rainbow……………………. Part Five

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All about friendship and the community you have around you. Who are the people you know you can rely on?

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Be your own Rainbow Part four…………….

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“When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life” – Tara Meyer Robson Be your own Rainbow – Managing your Emotions Managing your emotions is about understanding and appreciating your emotions for what they are, valuable and honest insights into your ‘inner world’, but in turn not allowing them to dominate your actions, thoughts and words. Emotions provide valuable clues as to how we feel about a situation or person and there is no right or wrong in the feelings in themselves. The right or wrong may come in what we choose to do about them. Being able to manage our...

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Be your own Rainbow – Part Three

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“If you don’t like the world you see, change the prescription of your glasses” – (Chu, 1995, p41) Be your own Rainbow – Managing your Focus This is largely about your choices and what you actively decide to focus on and attend to. It’s about where you consequently choose to direct your energy and time. Getting this right will help you to make the time to pursue the things that lift and inspire you, to actively seek out new and fresh perspectives. Some of this will involve your ‘self- talk’, the things you are habitually saying to yourself. For example when I am particularly tired...

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